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About FHS Plus

What is Foothill Plus?
Foothill Plus High School is an alternative educational option in the Shasta Union High School District.  It is a “school within a school” format designed for part-time credit recovery without having to transfer students away from their home campus.  The goal of Foothill Plus is to provide social structure and educational interventions in collaboration with the comprehensive high school that assists students to graduate on time and pursue post-secondary educational and vocational options.

Students in the school are 11th and 12th grade students (16 years of age minimum) who are motivated to attend school and achieve academic success. If you have a student you believe would be an ideal candidate for Foothill Plus, please contact our FHS Plus counselor, Suzanne Dickinson at 245-2715.

Students who successfully complete the district requirements for graduation and complete the Cougar Challenge will receive a diploma from Foothill High School, and will be a part of the graduation ceremony. Additionally, we encourage all students to continue peer relationships, participate in sports and pursue other school activities at Foothill High School.

Post secondary options
Students enrolled in Foothill Plus follow an alternative graduation plan. This simply means that not all classes offered are UC/CSU approved. Most four year universities will not accept an alternative student as a freshman. However, a successful community college student may transfer to almost any university.
Throughout the year, we help prepare students for life beyond high school by exploring different career aspects: community college, vocational education, military and the workforce.

How is FHS Plus different from a comprehensive site?Foothill Plus has six grade reports throughout the year.Students also receive progress reports every three weeks to notify parents and students of their progress in Plus.  
We have two sessions — am and pm. The schedule aligns with Foothill High School bell schedule. In this way Plus students may take FHS elective classes and Career Technical Education.   Our class sizes range from about 22-25 students.


Contact Information:

Elsbeth Prigmore
243-1880 ext. 14501

Suzanne Dickinson

Jarrett Tuggle 
English & Social Science
547-1700 ext 13307

Chris Putnam
Math & Science
547-1700 ext 13216